What is a Birth Injury?

Birth injury is a physical damage experienced by the baby during the birthing process. Birth injury usually happens when the baby is passing out of its mother’s body from the birth canal. Birth injury can also be a result of carelessness or negligence on the part of the medical team, resulting in people from Phoenix seeking out legal counsel from Phoenix personal injury lawyers.

Birth InjuryBirth injuries are common in the sense that during birth quite a few newborns sustain minor injuries that resolve on their own without requiring any treatment. In rare cases, birth injury can lead to broken bones or damaged nerves.

If the fetus is too big (this happens when the mother suffers from diabetes) or if the birth canal is way too small for a baby to pop out, it results in a difficult delivery that may cause injury to the baby. The risk of birth injury increases manifold if the fetus lies in an unusual or abnormal position inside the womb in the prenatal stage.

With the rapid advancement of medical sciences, improved gynecological assessments at the prenatal stage through various kinds of ultrasound scans and the advent of C section delivery, the incidences of birth injuries have been significantly brought down in present times. But in previous decades, birth injury was a huge cause of concern for moms-to-be.


This refers to accumulation of blood underneath the periosteum in one of the skull bones. It feels soft and right after birth it can get bigger in size. But it disappears on its own in a few weeks or months and doesn’t necessitate treatment.

Brain and Head Injury

As the head is the first body part to pop out during delivery, it has to take on the maximum amount of pressure after entering the birth canal. The head often swells up and there is scalp swelling and bruising. But again these problems resolve by themselves in a few days.


The skull bones may get fractured which happens rarely. Depressed fracture does not require treatment and can heal on its own rapidly.

Intracranial Hemorrhage

If a blood vessel inside the skull gets ruptured, it leads to bleeding inside the brain. This rupture and bleeding occur because of inadequate oxygen or skull bones deformity during the process of delivery. Extremely premature infants often suffer from bleeding inside the brain caused either by hypoxia or ischemia.

Nerve Injury

This is rare but may be caused by the pressure used while using forceps during delivery.

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