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Car crashes and motor vehicle accidents involving trucks and buses frequently result in serious injury. Evaluating all the possible causes of a motor vehicle accident is a job for an experienced car accident lawyer. An experienced car accident lawyer takes care of the many complex legal requirements that follow most accidents so you can focus on recovery.

The car accident attorneys at Goldberg & Osborne can help you engage the services of accident reconstruction experts to determine the cause of your accident, find appropriate medical specialists, and sometimes arrange for these specialists to wait for payment until your lawsuit is settled are just

Common Accident Causes

The most common causes of auto accidents—driver error, faulty manufacturing, poorly maintained roads, improperly functioning traffic signals, and the like—lead to aggravated injuries and significant financial loss.

While many auto accidents can be attributed to driver error, other factors may also be responsible for minor and even catastrophic motor vehicle accidents. For example, in order to cut costs, some manufacturers have left out important safety features that help keep tires, brakes, and vehicles safe. Examples include:

  • Transmissions that slip into reverse when a vehicle is in park can result in serious or even fatal injury. Incredibly, these types of accidents could be avoided by a part that costs less than five dollars.
  • Design flaws in seat belts and air bags make car accidents even more catastrophic when these safety devices fail.
  • When a car engine is running, it should require your foot to be on the brake before allowing you shift into drive or reverse. Sadly, people have been killed in car accidents because some automobile manufacturers have failed to include this simple safety feature.

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