Other Injuries

In addition to car accidents, there are other injuries that may deserve compensation. Unfortunately these injuries can occur anywhere, from your own home to a local business. If you believe that another person or business is responsible for your injury, consult an attorney today to determine if you have a claim.

If you had a slip-and fall-accident at a grocery store, restaurant, mall or any other business that you feel should be held responsible for the accident, you may have a claim. Some businesses fail to attend to broken tiles, hand rails, and steps, and these failures may result in broken bones and injured spines.

Many people who have been bitten by dogs successfully pursue their claims. While some animal bites can cause disease and illness, all can create emotional turmoil. Parents can also seek compensation for their children’s injuries that have been caused by animals. Call an attorney today to see if you have a valid case against the animal’s owner.

Other injuries to children might also yield valid claims. Children are often injured in school bus accidents, on the playground at recess, or while playing sports on a local team. Each year, a significant number of children are hurt while playing with defective toys or playground equipment. Child abuse at the hands of teachers, babysitters, and day care employees can also be resolved through a claim.

These injuries can be life altering. Many injury victims require surgeries and long hospital stays, both of which can be very costly. Fortunately, a lawyer can help injury victims minimize some of their suffering through financial compensation.

The best way to determine if you have a strong claim is to get in touch with a lawyer immediately and begin gathering evidence. If necessary, a personal injury attorney can help you find the ideal medical specialist to help strengthen your claim and see it through to its successful completion.

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